In exhibitions, everything should be perfect but organizers always want to make exhibition engaging to attract potential leads. What else we can do to engage customers? Various type of exhibitions stands is designed to engage clients. People need to involve with you for making it more engaging. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to attract customers with exhibition stand designs? It’s your responsibility to provide them a reason by exhibition stand and to talk with you on what you people are offering. Let’s have a look

Challenge or Quiz

 We always talk about design and other stuff but what can really engage with an exhibition stand is a challenge or quiz that stop by customers. They will definitely take a look in their surroundings for what’s going on and what is being offered by you people. Organizers need to make it interesting.

Make a photo booth

 Who else don’t want to capture their memorable moments of exhibitions? Although everyone has their own phones and its pretty much simple to take a picture photo booth can be an interesting option. Place different props there to make it fun for all visitors. People will come to your exhibition stand and they will definitely take a keen interest in knowing about your product.

Interactive lighting

 People always get attracted to lighting first because this is something that can grab attention. Interactive lighting display creates a wonderful ambiance in your space. With the right selection of lighting, you people can brighten up the place but avoid making this too much sparkly because it will create harshness in eyes and distract people. Vogue display gives a complementary option for people to select lighting of their own choice. These things need to be considered on top priority.


 There should be a place over the wall of your exhibition stand where people can give feedback and write a suggestion for improvement. Whatever thoughts in their minds should be noted down in your suggestion list for working on the latest ideas and to improve it much better.


These are the interesting things that we people can do with our stands for engaging customers. Exhibition stand designers in Birmingham are known for amazing designs and they will tell you about the required updates you people need to do.